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Ever wondered what these hair suppliers are referring to when they talk about grades? Is it some sort of jargon that hair specialist only know of? Well it is not as complicated as it may sound.
Like fresh produce (fruit and veggies) hair also has a grading system, grades 5A and 7A being the most easily accessible.
Grade 5A is raw full cuticle non processed hair which only comes in two colours natural black and natural brown. The cuticle allows the hair to be safely dyed up to a medium brown without damage if properly handled. 5A Virgin hair can be reused for about 6 months if properly taken care of. Hair can be washed, dyed, ombred and holds a fantastic curl.
6A Virgin hair simply means that the donors are young and vegetarian, which put the hair at its most top quality state. 6A Virgin hair has slightly thicker bundles which means you will need less hair to complete and install. You will hardly find a grey strand in this quality. Like 5A Virgin hair, 6A Virgin hair can be dyed up to a strawberry blonde and ombred. If properly washed and handled, 6A Virgin hair can be used for a year.
7A grade hair is 100% human virgin hair with full cuticle that can be dyed up to platinum blonde. This hair can a year and half or two years with proper care and washing.
The grading of the hair also affects the pricing. Grade 5A will obviously be cheaper that Grade 7A. Choose the grade that best fit your pocket.

2 Responses to The difference between 5A, 6A and 7A virgin hair
Tshidi says:

You are talking about other grades. Besides grade 8A.don’t you sell peruvian hair in grade 8A?

Irene Mokone says:

Grade 8A is available on request

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